Saturday, 31 July 2010

Ian Huntley

This cheeky fucker has got the nerve to sue the prison service for not saving him from being attached by a fellow prisoner who apparently took exception to the fact that he murdered two innocent schoolgirls in Soham. He's after £100,000 for Christ's sake - that's more that 20 times what the poor families got in compensation.
I say no special treatment. Let the lags deal with him, the cunt.
Forgiven, my arse.

Nominated by : Anonymous

Just Let Some "Ordinary Decent Criminal" Kill Him.
Cheaper for the taxpayer. And it makes sure some fucking do-gooding parole board doesn't let him out.
You know it makes sense!

Nominated by : The Ranting Penguin

I honestly think that the prisoner who failed to kill him should have at least twenty years added to his sentence

Nominated by : Ampers


Dioclese said...

Here's an idea : Let him have the 100 grand and then get the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board to appropriate it and give it to Holly and Jessica's families.