Thursday, 22 July 2010

Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin spreads racial hatred like a virus. He should be dragged out of a Buck House garden party, taken down below to the pit and never forgiven.

Nominated by : Moses Smith


Old Nick said...

Well, we managed the first part!

Doc Morky said...

Most of his party are ordinary British people, who feel threatened by Islamic takeover. He is a mouthpiece, and a reasonable organiser. I don't see that he deserves to burn.

A Writer said...

it's ignorant views like his and any other extremist groups of whatever Faith or nation that make this world into a hate-filled hellhole for the rest of us who believe people are people and deserve respect whoever they are. It's all just mud and politicians have drawn arbitrary lines across it. if i'm born on this side of the line, by chance, then i hate those born on that side of the line.
who really cares? the people making loads of money out of us all.
we've been handing our wealth over to those dicks for centuries and they love it when we just fight among ourselves.
Griffin is their unwitting tool.