Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Pope

For the Crusades; for the Spanish Inquisition; for all the people murdered in the name of Christianity; for allowing ongoing child molestation by Catholic priests; for the hypocrisy of standing on the balcony of his personal palace in his personal city state, dripping in gold and lecturing us on worldliness; for flagrant prejudice against women and homosexuals - but most of all for the arrogance of being officially infallible and claiming to represent the almighty on earth. Definitely unforgiven. 

Nominated by : Anonymous
(and who can blame him? Old Nick)


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Ted Heath

We should do a real number on him. We should dig him up and kill him again ... just to make sure.


Dioclese said...

I agree, Sir Henry, and have nominated the traitor accordingly.

Captain Ranty said...

For daring to be "offended" by normal peoples' disgust concerning the raping of little boys, this cunt fully deserves to burn in hell forever.


Old Nick said...

So, CR, would I be right in assuming that you're not a Catholic?

Anon2 said...

Sorry Nick, just re-nominated him on the Tony Blair page as I didn't realise he's already made the grade.
Incidentally, think your picture 'Jesus loves you! But I think you're a cunt' would be an ideal quote for Tony.