Thursday, 26 August 2010

Dr Daniel Obani

For the manslaughter of 70 year pensioner David Gray, who was given a lethal injection of a painkiller during Obani's first shift as a locum in the UK. 

In a state of anxiety, tiredness and alienation in unfamiliar surroundings, he committed a number of tragic blunders. In the Gray case, he injected ten times the maximum dose of morphine swiftly killing him. In another case, Iris Edwards died from a heart attack after a visit from Dr Ubani, while a third was hospitalised.

Unbelievably, he still practices in Germany and has so far escaped prosecution for manslaughter in this country. In an act of amazing defiance and aggorance, he has the cheek to seek a court injunction to prevents Gray's sons calling him a murderer.

Burn the fucker, Nick. Unforgiven!

Nominated by :  Doc Martin