Friday, 20 August 2010

Francis Wayland Ayer

"Who the fuck," I hear you ask, "is Francis Wayland Ayer?

He is the father of one of the greatest evils ever to be perpetrated on mankind! In 1869, Ayer founded the world's first advertising agency. Within 4 years, he was making $79,000 a year and had laid the foundation of all of the mind boggling gobshite that is thrown at you in newspapers, hoardings, radio, TV, internet, and just about every damn thing we look at or listen to every single day of our lives.

For wasting billions of man hours of our lives with insults to our intelligence, he and his disciples should definitely be unforgiven!

Nominated by : Uncle Sam


Linda said...

One must remember, Francis Wayland Ayere did not create the ad- just the agency that serves them up to the world. Prior to Ayer opening his doors, there were absolutely no rules at to advertising, a seller could say quite literally anythng he wanted about an item. And truth never seemed to enter into it much. By creating a profession, he also opened the door for government regulation and oversight- not always the awful thing we often make it out to be.

Another thing Francis Wayland Ayer did that few people know, and that is he was the first president of the YMCA. All that money that he earned? Well, he actually put a good portion of it to the good use of his community.

So, burn? No. Forgive? I think we have to see beyond the sleaze, and remember the artistry that is also involved in advertising. In the defense of the ad, I would point out the absolutely brilliant ads playing in England the past couple of years, featuring that rapscallion of a Russian aristocratic meerkat, Aleksandr Orlov, and the "Simples!" campaign. Based in some small part on the Geico Gekko, Aleksandr Orlov has the Brits in stitches quite frequently, and turned his "Simples!" into an iconic expression almost overnight. If you've not seen him, then I would highly recommend a quick side trip over to Youtube just to check him out,. What the "Simples!" campaign proves is that sometimes an ad can be one of the more enjoyable of all the creative endeavors..

Dioclese said...

Nick, I hate that fucking meerkat! Any chance you could burn it for me?

Old Nick said...

Linda - an eloquent argument if I may say so!

Dioclese - sorry,mate. I hate the fucking meerkat too but I only burn real people! And the occasional sky fairy, but then some people think they are real too.

Anonymous said...

Francis Wayland Ayer was a fine Christian gentleman, very active in the Baptist Church and greatly liked during his lifetime and well remembered by his admirers. He should not be on this listand does not deserve such condemnation.