Tuesday, 3 August 2010

George W. Bush

For draft dodging but sending other people to war; for illegally invading Iraq because he thought it was Iran but couldn't spell it and because Dick Cheney wanted his oifields back; for inventing Al Queada after 9/11 just to give him an excuse to invade Afghanistan to get his hands on their mineral depositis; for the deaths of countless troops and the murder of civilians; for killing our troops with 'friendly' fire; for Quantanamo Bay and rendition; for being a self serving christian fundamentalist bastard.
For all these things, George 'Dubya' Bush should never be forgiven.

Nominated by : Uncle Sam


Anonymous said...

here's a really fresh one for you.

the 'fellow inmate' should get a pardon::

Child rapist 'stamped to death in his prison cell by fellow inmate'
Death in custody: A prisoner has been arrested over the death of another inmate

Robert Coello, 44, who was serving a sentence for sexually assaulting a minor, was found with head injuries in his cell at HMP Grendon in Buckinghamshire on Sunday.


Anonymous said...



I really should look a little more at this corner of the media. Mail and Express. Full of such good news.