Friday, 13 August 2010

Helen Lawson

On 7th January 2010, a very drunk Helen Lawson put the bedroom light on, called out her husband's name to make sure he was awake and then fired both barrels of a shotgun at point blank range into his chest and abdomen, killing him instantly. She then calmly called the emergency services.

She claimed he was "hell to live with". She had access to guns as she was a keen clay pigeon shooter, and held a gun licence. She was given 15 years for the cold-blooded killing.

Even though I admit I was once tempted to do the same to my ex, she should not be forgiven.

Nominated by : Dioclese


Indyanhat said...

Dunno about this one, but I would like to nominate the entire EU parliament, commision, courts and anyone who has ever had anything to do with giving away our soveriegnty!

Old Nick said...

OK - I'll see what I can dig up - no pun intended!