Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Jeremy Bamber

The so called "Bambi killer", Jeremy Bamber was convicted or murdering five members of his family at White House Farm in Essex.

Ralph Bamber was shot eight times and was found in the kitchen. Jeremy's sister, Sheila 'Bambi' Caffell's twin sons were found in their room with one having been shot three times in the head and the other five times in the head. Ralph's wife, June, was found in the main bedroom where she had been shot seven times. Beside June's bed lay Sheila Caffell, who had been shot twice in the throat and who held an Anschutz rifle in her hands. Jeremy Bamber tried to blame the killing on his sister and make it look as if she had committed suicide.

Sentencing Bamber to life, Mr Justice Drake described him as "warped, callous and evil". His case is currently being appealed.
Unforgiven? I don't know - you decide

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Old Nick said...

Difficult to see how someone could commit suicide by shooting themselves in the head with a rifle - twice!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

According to our "investigatory" authorities, one of the dead soldiers at Deepcut Barracks had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with an SLR ... twice!

Equally difficult to see.