Wednesday, 11 August 2010

John Hirst

John Hirst has spent 35 years in prison, including 25 years for murdering his landlady because she asked him to get some coal from the shed. He returned to the living room, put the coal on the fire, and then approached Mrs Burton and hit her, perhaps seven times, on the head with an axe. He then went to the kitchen to make coffee and drank it, waiting for Mrs Burton to die.

He taught himself law while in prison and has been a total pain in the arse to the authorities ever since.

He believes remorse is a 'middle class thing' and he's done his time. The victim's daughter says she can never forgive him. Nor should we.

Nominated by : Old Nick
with hat tip to Houdini  and All Seeing Eye   


Sir Henry Morgan said...


Jailhouse Lawyer (Hirst) will start trolling this place as soon as he learns he's listed.

Old Nick said...

I suggest he sues the Grauniad then. See :

I particularly like the quote :
'It's not like I'm killing someone now because there's no lid for my jam jars'

Bloke's a cunt.