Sunday, 15 August 2010

Leslie Strathie

Leslie Strathie is the Chief Executive of HM Revenue and Customs. Appointed by another evil fucker, Gordon Brown, she is responsible for improving effective working at HMRC - for which read making sure that they screw even more people for every penny they can get.

Even the bible says tax gatherers are bad people, so must be unforgiven!

Nominated by : PistonBroke


Captain Ranty said...

Top job Nick!

There will be many millions cheering this one.


Anonymous said...

Leslie Strathie is an abhorrent woman devoid of any morals with nothing but contempt for the staff she represents. She and the other members of the Executive Committee of HMRC, particularly Chief "People" (a complete contradiction in terms) Officer Mike Falvey appear to take some warped satisfaction from kowtowing to Tory political ideology for the sake of a £185,000+ a year salary. It takes some bitch to be able to look herself in the mirror and respect herself. A quick heads up Leslie you have none. You are a complete waste of the breath you breathe.

Old Nick said...

Fair Enough, Anon. I'll take that as a 'burn' vote, then

Anonymous said...

I worked with Leslie Strathie when she was my supervisor in the Unemployment Benefit Office in Stranraer. She was a good supervisor and worked hard to get promotion.
However I was saddened today to hear that the dreaded cancer has taken her life.
please remember someone has to do the crap jobs, one day it may be one of yours