Friday, 27 August 2010

Peter Mandelson

Always a dangerous man to turn your back on - in more ways than one - Mandie was forced to resign for the first time in 1998 over his financial dealings with Geofrrey Robinson. Ten months later, he returned to the cabinet when he was used by Blair to knife Mo Mowlem.

In 2001 he was forced to resign again over allegations of trying to fix passports for the Hinduja brothers. In 2004, Blair shifted him out of the way by getting him a plush job in Europe.

Brown brought him back with a peerage, creating a huge government department to run and giving him the grandiouse but meaningless title of 'First Secretary of State'. As an ex-EU commissioner he is entitled to a £31,000 pension out of our taxes.

If ever there was a politician that deserved burning it is Mandie!
Unelectable, unpleasant and unforgiven!

Nominated by : Tony the Phoney
(surely not THE Tony? Old Nick)


Anonymous said...

Before the match is struck, can he be forced to tell us why he has enjoyed so much favour?.