Thursday, 5 August 2010

Robert Coello

Robert Coello was jailed in 2006 after admitting four rapes and 12 other sexual offences on a schoolgirl. He got 7 - yes, just seven - years proving there is no justice.

The 44 year old former Reading bus driver was kicked to death in his cell by a fellow inmate at HMP Grendon on Sunday. The public spiritted assaillant was a lifer - so nothing to lose there, then! Good on him! Unforgiven, but a pardon for his killer.

(Even though he is dead I can't get a photo. Old Nick)

Nominated by : Sir Henry Morgan


Dark Lochnagar said...

Auld Nick, now don't get me wrong, this man was an evil piece of shit who deserves to be with you now. It is however not for someone in a prison to meet out justice that is the job of the justice system. You may say that they are not doing their job properly and many would agree, particularly with this fucker.

Liam said...

I've got a nomination for you.

Teresa Bystram - she's that warped woman who is hailing Raoul Moat as some kind of hero.

She claims he's a good role model. She's got a swastika & a white power tattoo. She gets over £30k a year in benefits.

She reckons that his funeral was "educational" for her kids, and topped it off by saying it was better than Legoland.

She is a complete and utter disgrace, start the fire!