Friday, 24 September 2010

Michael Williams

28 year old postman, Michael Williams, used different profiles on MSN, Bebo and Facebook to target kids he met on his post round, while doing schools runs as a taxi driver, and as the secretary of a football club.

Williams created at least eight fake profiles pretending to be teenage boys and a girl called 'Gorgeous Charlie' to meet children aged 11 to 16.

Police said he was a dangerous fantasist who kept newspaper cuttings about Ian Huntley and warned his horrific offending was set to "escalate".

He admitted 27 charges including grooming, sexual activity with a child and inciting children to engage in sexual activity. He asked for 460 other offences to be taken into consideration - including voyeurism, sexual assault and child porn.

Police have identified around 500 victims he groomed or abused but believe there could be up to 1,000 in total because hundreds are too scared to come forward.

He was jailed totay for a totally inadequate 8 years. We should lock him up and throw away the key, forever unforgiven
Nominated by : Dioclese


Anonymous said...

We don't know who to believe these days the world gets up to so much trouble, this is ridiculous. Sick minded! How did they get him through with this job?!
That's why Facebook isn't safe for young children they shouldn't be on their if they don't want to get abused! Every child should have parents permission for a social networking site you never know what comes at you ...

Dioclese said...

It's a tough line between free speech and censorship and bastards like this will always exploit it! One way is to 'friend' your kid on facebook so you can see what's going on. After all, you don't have to let them know it's you - but then isn't that the problem?