Monday, 20 September 2010

Peter Bryan

Barking mad Peter Bryan is Britain's very own Hannibal Lecter.

He did nine years in Rampton Psychiatric Hospital after beating a girl to death with a claw hammer in a Kings Road boutique after being sacked for stealing clothes
He was then treated as a care in the community patient, but within hours of being told he could leave the ward he had killed his second victim Brian Cherry and begun to dismember the body. The police arrived and noticed a small amount of meat in a frying pan next to an open tub of Clover butter. The meat was part of Mr Cherry's brain. More brain tissue and hair matted with blood was heaped on a plate next to a knife and fork on the draining board.

Bryan told officers he had killed Mr Cherry after the victim opened his door and then said: 'I ate his brain with butter, it was really nice.'

Bryan was admitted to Broadmoor maximum security hospital. His third victim was a fellow inmate, but he didn't get time to eat him.He said 'I wanted to cook him but there was no time, nor was there access to cooking equipment. I briefly considered eating him raw.'

Asked if wanting to eat people was normal, he replied: 'Of course it's normal. Cannibalism is normal.'

He will never be released, or forgiven.

Nominated by : Clarice Starling
(nice anonymous pseudonym! Old Nick)


Indyanhat said...

Hell I'll forgive him if you can just arrange for Blair to be alone with him and a claw hammer....and a disposable barbeque!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Slotgob too?