Monday, 18 October 2010

Julia Gillard

I nominate this evil bastard, Australia's first female Prime Minister.

Having sworn undying support for her predecessor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who had made her his deputy, she promptly stabbed him in the back in order to get his job and is now leading the country into ruin!

Julia Gillard is a traitor, a communist and a threat to Australia. Barren, heartless, no clue about family like all communists, she is evil, soulless, godless and corrupt. She and her union run left-wing labour cronies must be stopped at all costs.

Nominated by  : Alex B


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Can I borrow her for a bit, first?

Anonymous said...

Gillard is like"President Obummer"; Achieved office by deceit and treachery,
Imports Muslim terrorists,
Panders to Queers,
Drives up the cost of living,
Destroys local industry.
Now, it (not a really "she") has gone to meet it (not really "him").
Burn them both a.s.a.p.

Anonymous said...

She is a proven inveterate liar, a scoundrel who cannot be trusted, she is a communist, a pommy, and is using the democratic system, just like fkn Hitler did, to introduce a dictatorship. All her hopeless, hapless decisions are utter those of a dictator. Like Rudd, she does not have a Cabinet of Ministers make unanimous decisions. The decisions are made by Bob Brown and his fkn husband and Gillard the Dill implements those careless, hairbrained, dangerous decisions. Time for this minority gang of greens/labor/turncoat rotters to be booted and booted damned well hard right up their ringpieces!