Saturday, 23 October 2010

L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard was a science fiction writer who invented scientology because he wasn't making enough money from his books.

Working like a pyramid selling scheme, the initiate works his way up through the 'religion' until he is 'ready' to access the essential information withheld from him - namely that the evil alien emperor Xenu headed a galactic federation of 21 star systems and 75 other planets. After a revolt, he gathered up the renegade aliens in space planes which look exactly like DC8s and nine weeks later they arrived on Earth.

The aliens set off hydrogen bombs in each of Earth's primary volcanoes which caused all the Earth's inhabitants to be infected by the essence of the aliens. Scientology apparently teaches you deal this infection and how to manipulate time and matter with the power of your mind - although it seems no-one has ever achieved this state! Apparently scientologists will be the only people to defend us in the coming galactic war.

Now I can understand why this would make a good SF novel, but how anyone can seriously believe this bollocks is beyond me. But believe it they do big time! They claim it is the world's fastest growing religion. It is closely guarded by its followers and is cloaked in secrecy and its critics are hounded and intimided. 

Anyone who can sucessfully permeate this tripe into other peoples' minds just to make a few dollars has got to be seriously unforgiven.

Nominated by : Ming the Mighty


Ollie Burtons Grandad said...

This fucker is a seriously evil nutcase and needs to be torched, burn him Old Nick!