Thursday, 7 October 2010

PC Dustin Hunter

PC Dustin Hunter provided uniforms and a Royal Mail outfit for a raid on an upmarket jewellers, unaware that his ‘accomplices’ were undercover officers from his own force!

A judge heard how the 30-year-old, who had served on the force for nine years, had planned to use his experience as a member of Surrey Police’s Intelligence Unit to carry out the robbery. After instructing the ‘robbers’, he waited at a motorway services hotel while the raid was being carried out, only for officers to arrest him.

This amazingly thick disgrace to the police force sold uniforms to the 'robbers' and even reassured them that he could spot an undercover officer ‘a mile off’.

He was sentenced to five years for encouraging or assisting a planned robbery, two years – to run consecutively – for a cannabis offence, for which he was convicted at an earlier trial and six months concurrently for three counts of theft of police and Royal Mail uniforms. You can read the full account here.
For being a bent copper and for being terminally thick, Hunter should never be forgiven.
Nominated by : Mohammed Abassi