Tuesday, 12 October 2010

"Red Ed" Miliband

Make no mistake about this man - in public he might be trying to make light of his nickname of "Red Ed"  but in reality it is apt and richly deserved!

His father was an extreme politcal dogmatist who once swore an oath on Karl Marx' grave. He was raised in a household rife with red politics. At university, he got into a rent dispute with his college that led him to comment that "politics always motivated me more than academia" 

He was an unashamed Gordon Brown-noser. Blairites nicknamed him "the emissary from the Planet Fuck".

He has already distanced himself from the last Labour manifesto - which he wrote - and realigned his party with the Unions pledging to fight cuts (which he said in the manifesto were necessary) and refused to condemn politically motivated strikes.

He claims to champion the family, but at the same time refuses to marry the mother of his child. As far as I can see, an untrustworthy bastard raising more bastards and a prime candidate for the pit.

Take him down now before he causes too much damage!

Nominated by : BackBencher


Chris said...

Wow, what a considerable amount of drivel.

His views are nothing like his fathers, and he's always said and maintains the need for cuts. Just not the ones that are happening right now.

And please, 'refuses to marry'. I hardly think a personal choice between two people about when or whether to get married should be relevant, unless you first drafted this post in the 1800's.