Friday, 1 October 2010

Three bent coppers!

In February, three police officers were jailed for selling drugs seized in raids to a dealer.

Sgt Darren Burns (left) and PC Andrew Bird (right) must serve four years each for their part in the £77,000 plot. PC Clive French (centre) was jailed for six years. Their dealer John Brennan was handed a three-year term. You can read the full story by clicking here.

It is right and fitting that they should serve longer terms than the criminal they consorted with. Well might you cover your head in shame! Definitely unforgiven.

Nominated by : Old Bailey


Anonymous said...

Just on the precipice of Detective Jaden Thompson of the National Corruptions Agency blowing wide open a case of judicial corruption and exposing several corrupt magistrates and police officers, Today it was discovered that a Swindon cop Claire Rebecca Holborn of the Wiltshire Constabulary is still possibly working as a police officer despite being made bankrupt on the 8th February 2012, What makes this even more interesting is that not only are you supposed to not work in ANY civil service role when bankrupt, but she is now Claire Rebecca Leakey and married to Adam Leakey of Swindon C.I.D so its another case of do as we say and not as we do among the bent officials manipulating our system and abusing their powers. Claire Leakey (nee holborn) can be read about at, the link to her bankruptcy is