Saturday, 20 November 2010

Richard Beya Kombe

Richard Beya Kombe is the sort of scum that gives asylum seekers a bad name.

Kombe came to Britain in 2003 claiming he was from the Congo and sought asylum. In fact he was lying and was from Belgium. For some reason we let him stay. He rewarded us setting up a fake charity, British Francophone Migrant Community Development, and then using it to defraud good causes out of large sums of money.

In Bristol that included £20,000 from the Royal Oak Avenue-based charity Quartet Foundation and an unspecified amount from Bristol City Council. A two-year investigation identified that BFMCD received £272,599.88 between March 2004 and October 2008, and funds into the BFMCD charity were quickly diverted to other accounts.

The Big Lottery Fund, the British Council, the Charity Commission, Heritage Lottery Fund, the Home Office gun crime initiative and independent grant-making body the Paul Hamlyn Foundation are among the organisations Kombe conned.

Kombe was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in jail at Canterbury Crown Court after being found guilty of nine counts of fraud.

These are the judges comments : "You cynically exploited that public feeling and confidence."; "You ripped off £90,000 of public money."; "You considered yourself a big man treating yourself to splendid hotel accommodation for yourself and your family."; "You cynically used other people, including your own family, in the fraud and you used other people's identities."

The only question I have is "Are we going to deport the bastard when he's released?" Somehow, I doubt it. Burn him, Nick!

Nominated by : Old Bailey


Flaxen Saxon said...

Burn the soap dodger.

Anonymous said...

Fuck sake , you read anything in the news papers take it and run away with it like an headless chicken.

This story is so inaccurate and full of lies, this gentleman has actually done so much for the most deprived and has personally helped me and my entire family when the government refused to and left us for dead like we're less then human....most politicians and people in power should be on this web page for committing the most horrific crimes on the people and behind the back of those who elected them at first place.

Old Nick said...

Apart from hating people who don't have the balls to post other than as 'Anonymous' if the story is so inaccurate and he's such a good egg then how come he got sentenced to a four year stretch?