Saturday, 18 December 2010

Aso Mohammed Ibrahim

Step forward Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, an Iraqi Turd..err..Kurd. In case you don't know who he is, in 2003 Ibrahim, whilst driving without a licence and insurance after being banned for driving without a licence or insurance, knocked down 12 year old Amy Houston and left her to die under the wheels of his car.

After a SEVEN year legal battle, TWO senior immigration judges rejected a final appeal by the UK Border Agency to have this piece of rat shit cunt deported back to Iraq. His lawyers claimed that to send to him back to Iraq would not only put him in danger, it would also breach HIS human right to a life and family life (since the murder he's had two children). This was despite Amy's father, Paul, writing an impassioned letter begging the court to deport Ibrahim. He wasn't allowed to address the court in person.

I should also point out that this motherfucking cunt called Ibrahim has a string of offences under his belt. These include driving offences, burglary, possession of drugs, theft and harassment.

So basically, these two judges (who in my opinion are cunts in silly wigs), have said a big FUCK YOU! to Mr Houston and his family and put the rights of a murdering Piece of festering shite foreign criminal, above those of an innocent 12 year old girl and her devastated family. And the British public is now in danger from a repeat offender, whose hobby is murdering young girls.

How the fuck can we call ourselves a civilised country, when the rights of a convicted foreign criminal cunt are put above the rights of a decent, hard working British family. It makes a mockery of justice. And what does Ibrahim have to say for himself?

'The incident when Amy died was an accident and should not stop me living in this country with my family'

He's also quoted as saying: 'I cannot go back to Iraq. Do you not watch the news? It's far too dangerous.'

You fucking what? You kill a 12 year old girl, and all you can fucking say is that it should not stop you from living in the UK? Not I'm truly sorry for what I've done? Not, Amy's face will haunt me forever. It's, she's dead, who cares? Life goes on. Well, mine does anyway. And it goes on in the UK, so fuck y'all.

Well, yes, it most definitely should stop you living in the UK. You've shown complete contempt for the UK and it's laws by continually breaking them. Worse still, you've shown nothing but contempt for Amy's family by thinking only of yourself, you worthless, cocksucking, ignorant cunt of a cunt's cunt. What about Amy's right to life and family life? Ibrahim stole both. Fuck you and fuck your family Ibrahim.

You're a cunt who deserves to spend the rest of your fucking life living in terror. Back in Iraq - Unforgiven.

Nominated by : Quick Draw McGraw (h/t to Banned and isacunt...)
(An excellent diatribe that deserves an airing on this tome - Old Nick)


Lomra Greener said...

Why not deny this less than human cretin any right to anonymity or protection, and then have it (not human) serve it's jail sentence on Holloway prison. Let the female inmates have their turn.