Monday, 6 December 2010

Darren Newton

This evil bastard was ordered to serve a minimum 24 years before parole for murdering 15 months old Charlie Hunt, the son of his partner Laura Chapman.

The 32-year-old took pleasure in slapping and hitting Charlie whenever left alone with the child, filming the attacks on his mobile phone and keeping the clips for his own enjoyment.

Jurors and court staff in Manchester were left visibly shocked as Charlie's screams and cries rang out when the clips were played of Newton abusing the sobbing child. The clips were "Crying, no toys in pen, ahhhh", "Squeezing toe in cot", "Two minutes of pain" and "Shivering no water". In one graphic clip titled "Happy Slap", filmed two weeks before Charlie died, Newton is seen to slap the child 13 times on the head as he screams and cries. Charlie's parents have branded Newton "evil" and a "monster".

The judge ordered the video clips be preserved so the parole board could watch them before he was eventually considered for release. Good on you, Judge, but we say forget parole - drag the bastard down to the pit for a good burning

Nominated by : Dioclese


Anonymous said...

richard hunt (charlies father)is my best friend and i supported him while these sickening images where played to the court i feel deeply sorry for any parole board that will have to watch them because they haunt me every waking day of my life this said i am so glad that the judge made this order,NO AMOUNT OF PRISON WILL EVER BE ENOUGH for this sick twisted evil f^^k Ipersonally would without thought execute him in the most painful way possible LONG MAY HE ROT!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVIL BAS**RD!!