Monday, 13 December 2010

Franny Armstrong

This is the smiling face of eco-terrorism.

Always having the eye for an opportunity for self-promotion and money making, in the early days of the internet in 1996 former pop group drummer Armstrong founded the McSpotlight website, which  Wired magazine described as "the blueprint for all activist websites". Bollocks!

Armstrong pioneered the “crowd-funding” finance model, which allows filmmakers to raise reasonable-size budgets whilst retaining ownership of their films - a pretentious piece of shit film called Age of Stupid is the most successful known example, raising £900,000+ from 300+ investors - as well as the “Indie Screenings” distribution system, which lets anyone make a profit by holding screenings of independent. This is otherwise known as extracting loads of money from gullible people to finance your ego. 

Predictably, she used "The Age of Stupid" - in which ' A future archivist looks at old footage from the year 2015 to understand why humankind failed to address climate change' - to peddle her own particular brand of eco-shit.

She then decided to go on and 'do a Bono' by founding the 10:10 organization to persuade the world that anyone who does not agree with her vision of eco-warriorship must be a complete idiot.

Sadly, she seems to have made her point rather well my getting lots of organizations and celebs to jump on the eco-bandwagon with her before equally swiftly persuading them to desert in droves by producing a video in which children are blown up if they refuse to do her will.

Now it seems that she has sucessfully campaigned to get the clocks of Britain changed for ever. What next, we wonder? Fulfilling her promotional material for real? Hmmmmm.....

In my view, this woman is a dangerous ego-maniac and a fundamentalist, in her own way, every bit as bad as likes of bin Laden. We need to get her down to the pit now, before it's too late!

Nominated by : Greenpeace
( not really, surely? - Old Nick )


FH said...

Yet another ugly 'munter', why are all of these leftie witches so ugly, are they just getting back at the world because nature gave them a bad deal?

Anonymous said...

She rocks, and it kinda cute in a gay way. Plus she's really got a point with her eco-stuff.

Ollie Burtons Grandad said...

Anonymous this woman is a Ginger fucking SwampHog; if you fancy her you are visually impaired fuckwit.