Friday, 10 December 2010

Herman von Rompuy

I nominate Herman von Rompuy, the puppet leader of the Fourth Reich under the yoke of Herr Chancellor Angela Murkel, who in my opinion should also burn in hell (pehaps we can do her as well?)

Admittedly Herr von Rumpy-pumpy is a Belgium, but let's remember that these days under the yoke of the Reich, Belgium is really a German satellite state without a proper government. As the puppet leader, no-one ever elected him, we can't get rid of him, and he does exactly what the Krauts tell him. If we assassinated him, it would make no difference. They would simply parachute in another puppet. Effectively, this is the EU under a Vichy style government.

Let's burn the puppet and all the people who pull his strings.

Nominated by : British Bulldog