Friday, 17 December 2010

Jody McIntyre

This scumbag is the poor, unfortunate wheelchair user who was treated so brutally by police in the recent London riots.

If you take a look at his blog you will see the front that this man puts up. By his own admission he was able to ditch his wheelchair and walk up 18 flights of stairs at Millbank (benefits office take note). He also seems to have been able to get around South America on his own for three months - so not that incapable then? If you want to see just how wheelchair bound this lying piece of crap is, then take a look at these photographs.

By his own admission he is a 'revolutionary' - for which read law breaking anarchist - with Palestinian sympathies. He is a deep 'believer' in the Palestinian cause - although he has never been there.

On his blog he actively encourages people to break the law. He should be prosecuted for incitement to violence. He claims massive support for his posts but note that he moderates out any comments that he does not agree with. He says that when he was born his parents were told that he would never walk or talk. Unfortunately the doctors were wrong on both counts.

Burn the fucker before he does any more damage.

Nominated by : Name withheld
(The nominator gave me his name but asked that it be withheld as he does not want to be targetted - Old Nick)

Yes - I'll nominate the twat for a bit of local warming
Nominated by : Sir Henry Morgan


Dioclese said...

I left a comment which I notice has been 'moderated' out.

Anonymous said...

I've just put this info on the Wikipedia pages covering the protests. That should expose the little turd a bit!

sprindolyn said...

Sorry to comment here so long after you posted but I just read your piece and felt I had to comment.

You seem to suggest that Jody McIntyre is lying about his disability because he was seen and has admitted to not always using his wheelchair. Can I point out that not all wheelchair users are unable to walk. It is possible that a wheelchair user can walk but only for short distances and with considerable effort - hence the use of the wheelchair to facilitate mobility.

And do you think that disabled people are incapable of living independent lives? If not, why do you take issue with Jody McIntyre having travelled in S. America for 3 months? Did Jody McIntyre ever present himself as "incapable"? Quite the opposite I think.

You also take issue with Jody McIntyre for fervently supporting the palestinian cause without him ever having been there. Why do you think it is necessary?

As far as inciting violence and encouraging people to break the law on his blog, a couple of citations would help. The articles I have read do not seem to be doing any of these things, although I am willing to believe you if you point me to articles that do.

As a final point, after deriding Jody McIntyre for inciting violence it's slightly inappropriate to finish your own post with the words "Burn the fucker...".

Old Nick said...

Sprindolyn - comments are alsways welcome no matter when they are posted.

It is refreshing that people such as yourself are prepared to put the other side of the coin so to speak.

Your points are well made and I have forwarded an e-mail to the original nominator drawing his/her attention to what you have said.

Can I just reiterate that I personally do not nominate these people. The idea is that this is a forum in which nominations are put forward and I personally welcome debate on the issues involved.

As regards your final paragraph, your point is well made. The phrase used is not mine but the nominator's.

Anonymous said...

this character revels in his handicapped status.

His favourite modus operandi is to provoke a reaction so he can say he is a victim.

He is like those women who take babies to violent demonstrations.

He clearly does not need benefits. He is a full time agitator and doesnt need benefits.

Ollie Burtons Grandad said...

This twat is clearly a wanker of the highest order, sad to see such a tool attract the loyalty of other.
Sprindolyn give your head a fucking shake.
A plastic anarchist surviving on state benefits and manufactured publicity. If he or his supporters dislike western civilization so much then perhaps they should all fuck right off to one of the Shitpot fucking countries he thinks are wonderful.

Hopefully they next time he acts the cunt he might catch a Police marksman's bullet or a No9 Bus in the face.

Aye burn the fucking little shit.