Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Marc Chivers

Marc Chivers strangled his girlfriend with a rope in Germany in 1992. He was jailed for 'life' but released after 15 years.

Within a year he had arrived back in the UK and murdered another woman, Maria Stubbings. This time he used a dog lead. He had briefly been out with Maria, and had attacked her in July 2008. For that offence he was jailed for 'four months', but he served hardly any of it as he'd been on remand. Now he's been jailed for 'life' again, only this time he's been told he'll never be let out.

The IPCC enquiry into the case delivered it's verdict yesterday and found lots of faults on the Police side, but that's not our concern here - we just want this evil bastard to get what's coming to him! Unforgiven.

Nominated by : Old Bailey
(Hat tip to The Policeman's Blog)

You can read the full story in the online Daily Mail by clicking here