Thursday, 2 December 2010

Santa Claus

Never mind good, old cuddly Santa - this is a creature of pure evil. Every year he appears to run you deep into debt by spending money you don't have, on things no-one wants to give to people you don't like!

And he brings out all the worst in people - greed, jealousy, avarice - they're all there in spades. Your children hate you if you but the wrong presents, or non-designer trainers, or the wrong new gadget to impress their friends. Your spouse hates you because you don't think enough of them to spend more on their presents.

And this sneeky little bastard breaks into your home on Christmas Eve to eat your food, raid your drinks cupboard and creep into your kids' bedrooms before stealing into your wife's bed! 

And he likes to sit little kiddies on his knee - the dirty bastard - while he tells them lies! Time he was disposed of for good. Burn the bugger with a rousing cry of "bah! humbug!"

Nominated by : Scrouge


Dan said...

This is fucking bullshit

Dioclese said...

Er - I think it's supposed to be satirical?...