Friday, 14 January 2011

Commander Ali Dizaei

Nothing like a bent copper to get the blood boiling - and this is a very big bent copper indeed!

Commander Ali Dizaei, who had been the subject of dozens of corruption allegations during his time in the Met, is the most senior Scotland Yard officer to be jailed since the 1970s. He swaggered around Scotland Yard believing he was above the law.

He bullied, intimidated and threatened anyone who crossed his path. If that didn't work, the Iranian-born officer accused them of being racist.

In February last year he was jailed for four years for trying to frame an innocent man, thereby perverting the course of justice. Following a bust-up in a restaurant, Dizaei, 47, told colleagues that an Iraqi website designer had assaulted him. They found he attacked the man before arresting and attempting to frame him for assault.

He became known as the 'Teflon Commander' because nothing stuck to him! And if that doesn't make your blood boil, the bugger earnt £90,000 a year and is sitting on a £2,000,000 pension pot.

There is an excellent and extensively detailed article on this piece of shit in the Daily Mail, which you can read by clicking here.

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Doc Morky said...

I have respectable Iranian friends who believe him to be guilty.