Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Daniel Lishman

Daniel Lishman was described as "every parents' worst nightmare" - an ex copper who performed a series of sexual offences against children.

He used jobs as a mobile dog-groomer and a TV licensing officer to help him carry out at least eight offences and also posed as a policeman to indecently assault two young girls, and to make things worse he actually was a PC with Northamptonshire Police between 1995 and 2002.

The charges, included one of rape and 12 of sexual assault, related to a total of 13 victims, including three with disabilities or learning difficulties, as well as hundreds of indecent images of children. He was convicted at previous hearings of 26 counts and asked for four others to be considered.

The serial paedophile was arrested in April last year after attacking a 12-year-old girl while pretending to check on a boiler at an address in Southam, Warwickshire. On Monday he was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum tarrif of 11 years.

Northamptonshire Police confirmed that he was required to resign from the force in 2002 after a woman made sexual allegations against him. They have appealed for any other victims to come forward.

You can read a full account by clicking here. 

Nominated by : Sir Henry Morgan


S chambers said...

Wot a horrible monster yea i was a criminal but not of normal criminal element thats n.o.n.c.e he got sentanced the day of my trial at cov crown and made him aware that he should be hanged until he died and that still wud not b enuff life 12 year rec no life mean life the monster. by s.chambers of coventry