Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Lord Taylor of Warwick

Number 3 in our regrettably ongoing series of bent politicians!

Lord Taylor of Warwick falsely claimed for travel and overnight subsistence, a jury at Southwark Crown Court decided by a majority of 11 to one. The jury took just over five hours to reach the verdict.

He was found guilty of making £11,277 worth of claims on various dates between March 2006 and October 2007. The first claim was for £1,555.70, the second for £2,042.80, the third was £1,600.70, the fourth £2,309.50, the fifth £2,421.80, and the final claim was for £1,347.30.

The claims related to his stating that his main residence was in Oxfordshire when in fact it was in London. The property in Oxford was where his half-nephew Robert Taylor lived with his partner Tristram Wyatt, who owned the house. Lord Taylor said throughout his trial that all he needed was a "family connection" to a property to call it a main residence on his claim forms. He never stayed there, and had no legal or financial interest in it.

 Lord Taylor maintained he was following the advice given to him by fellow peers, that nominating a main residence outside of the capital was a way to earn money "in lieu of salary".

So the greedy bastard's excuse was that he wasn't doing anything wrong because lots of others were doing the same thing. Odd that he wasn't able to work out that this was no excuse - especially as he is a trained barrister.

Taylor was the first parliamentarian to stand trial by jury, being the only one so far to not plead guilty because he hadn't got a leg to stand on !

Sentencing is awaited, but let's hope that he gets a term in prison for his pains, then you can burn the sod!

Nominated by : Dioclese 


Anonymous said...

Im always amazed at people who are very fast to pass judgement on others. This man has not murdered any one, and in my view is a waste of funds to send him to prison.
Perhaps you should do a bit of research on all the valuable things he has done in his life and write about those!!!
P.S I presume you have never done anything dishonest in your life!!!!!

Old Nick said...

I have him labelled under 'abuse of power' and 'fraudster' so, no, he didn't murder anyone!

I assume you voted forgive. I would presonally make an example of him because of his position. His actions were calculated and he should have known better.

Remember, I didn't nominate him and the point of this site is that the people decide.

Dioclese said...

True, Nick. I nominated him and I would throw away the key. Politicians who do things like this should be pilloried.

And no, Anonymous, I would definitely not behave like this as I have more sense and more integrity.

Feel free to list all the valuable things this man has done and I am sure Old Nick will publish them on this site. I must confess I would take you more seriously if you actually put a name to your comments?...

Old Nick said...

Thank you both for your comments


I note no post detailing the Noble Lord's aka thieving gits good points then.

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