Saturday, 29 January 2011

Terrence O'Keefe

41 years Terrence O'Keefe is a convicted rapist. Nothing remarkeable there you might think, but he actually managed to escape from the same 'secure' hospital TWICE, in 2005 and again in 2008!

On the last occasion, he managed to travel from London to Great Yarmouth, settle under the assumed name of James Daniels, claim benefits and even travel back and forth to Ireland. Bloody unbelievable!

Not content with this, he then went on to murder 73 year old pensioner David Kemp. In order to get money to fund his drug habit, O'Keefe strangled the widower with a belt and then stole his television.

This obviously runs in the family. O'Keefe's brother Raymond Kennedy is also serving life for killing a homeless man in Liverpool in 1991. He has escaped from custody THREE times.

We should burn this bastard and his brother before they let them get out again, and franky you can add in the people who are being paid to keep us safe from people like this!

Nominated by : Old Bailey


Anonymous said...

I know a woman who was in a relationship with this beast. He got her hooked on drugs, pimped her out as a prostitute and then when she managed to get away, he grabbed her one night, beat her to within an inch of her life and raped her.
He is nothing but psychotic filth.

Anonymous said...

They banged me up with him in Brixton prison in 96. I was sentenced to 18 mnths for abh (Defending myself from a man who had already stabbed my friend..but i was deemed to have gone too far..whats too far when you're fighting for your life??)). I didnt take the sentence too well and they put me in the hospital unit for observation. He came across as quite a nice guy. He frankly told me of his case and i was quite shocked that such a seemingly quiet individual was actually a psychopathic murdering rapist of both men and women. We are all ants he told me once and that he views us as such,to be crushed under foot. A very seriously sick individual.