Monday, 3 January 2011

Thomas Hamilton

An avid gun collector and disgraced scoutmaster, Hamilton was known as "Mr. Creepy" by the boys in Dunblane, Scotland, a village 40 miles from Edinburgh.

In 1996, Hamilton walked to the Dunblane Primary School armed with four guns. He burst into the gymnasium where 29 children were attending class. He systematically slaughtered 16 kids and their teacher. Another teacher and a dozen other students were wounded during the rampage. The children, ages 5 and 6, were sitting in circles on the floor playing when Hamilton started firing. 13 children died instantly. Three more died later in the hospital.

Surrounded by bodies of the dead and dying, 43-year-old Hamilton turned the gun on himself and put a bullet through his brain.

For costing me my hobby of handgun shooting and prejudicing the reputations of one of the most closely monitored - although it seems not in this case Mr Plod please note - groups of people in the country. After Derrick Bird I suspect that shot gun owners will be purged next.

But more importantly, for the murder of innocent children, he should be forever unforgiven.

Nominated by : Mr Chips