Monday, 14 February 2011

Anwar Khan

The handsome bastard is Anwar Khan, a former disciple of Captain Hook, Abu Hamza. He fought for the Taliban in Afghanistan

The heroin addict claims he was lured into fighting for the Taliban after his parents sent him to Pakistan from his native Burnley to improve his life in a Muslim land. His desperate mother and father wanted to cure him of his drug addiction but he developed another obsession, for weapons.

Khan spent four years in an Afghan prison after being caught in 1998. He was allowed to return to Britain in 2002 but was back behind bars the following year after attacking a man with a baseball bat in a Burnley drugs den. He was jailed for five years for wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and violent disorder.

After serving half the sentence he was freed. But he was returned to prison in 2008 after police caught him carrying a gun.

What the fuck is this man doing in an open prison when he is clearly a danger to the public? He is the first man with violent jihadist tendencies to be treated like this. He should certainly be the last. Unfortunately, we can't send him back to Afghanistan so they can kill him and then you can have him, Old Nick.

Should I be nominating him, or should I be nominating the dozy bastard who let him out?

Nominated by : Old Bailey

(You can read the details in The Daily Express)



Aye, returning this shitbag to Afghanistan would no doubt affect his human rights as a drug dealing violent gun toting Muslim terrorist.
Shoot the Bastard.

Old Nick said...

Welcome to the site OBG. Glad you are enjoying it. Feel free to nominate!

N E Phool said...

I say give him a chance. That face is worthy of a few starring parts in low budget horror films where they can't afford decent scary make-up. The guy will save them a fortune.
Also, I used to quite like heroin so I'm afraid I'm forgiving him on that principle alone.

Anonymous said...

This drug user is now walking free probably plotting another crime needs to be locked up the bastard