Sunday, 6 February 2011

Mohammed Alim

Mohammed Alim pulled a teenage girl into an alleyway and throttled her before raping her twice. He then ran off with her handbag.

However, just days after the attack took place, the teenager spotted Alim on the streets of Oldham while driving with her father. He ran away but was pursued by the father and two PCSOs.

Alim, who came to the UK from Bangladesh aged 16 and whose previous attempts to claim refuge had been refused, pleaded guilty to one count of rape after DNA evidence was recovered from the scene.

The judge said "This rape was cold and calculated. During the attack she feared she would die and says she feels lucky to be alive. Not surprisingly this has had a very serious impact on her. She feels scared, has trouble sleeping and now has problems with her studies. You are in my judgement a dangerous offender."

Alim was sentenced to was sentenced to seven years and four months in custody and ordered to serve a further two years on licence. He was placed on the sex offenders register. Two other charges of sexual assault and theft were allowed to lie on file

Because he pleaded guilty he will be back on the streets in less than 4 years. If he is so dangerous, can somebody explain to me why he is being alowed to remain in this country?

The girls family were said to be 'disappointed' at the sentence. Too bloody right they should be! Perhaps Old Nick can do better?

Hat tip to : The Ranting Penguin

(You can read the full story in the Daily Mail by clicking here)


Flaxen Saxon said...

Lets hope he receives 'treatment' inside so he can emerge as a productive and hopefully crippled member of society.