Thursday, 24 March 2011

Delroy Grant

This is Delroy Grant aka 'The Night Stalker' who orchestrated a reign of terror in south London that lasted 17 years. His known victims numbered 203, but the Met reckon that the real total could be nearer 500!

Grant 's speciality was to target single pensioners in their homes, having staked them out beforehand. Wearing a balaclava, he would wake his victim by shining a torch in their eyes before spending up to four hours with them, often striking up conversation. His crimes were so distinctive and common that beat officers were given a list of 23 hallmarks that could indicate he was responsible.

In at least two cases his rape victims subsequently died. Police tried in vain to catch him until eventually they set a 'rat trap' and caught him red handed.

He's due to be sentenced tomorrow. Frankly, he should just be chucked straight into the oven!

Nominated by : Old Bailey 

( You can read more in the Daily Mirrir by cicking here )


Anonymous said...

They gave him 27 years. The oven would have been cheaper!