Friday, 1 April 2011

Luke Burdakay

Luke Burdakay, 19, of Easton Road, Woodbridge, Suffolk is registered blind. He got bladdered out of his mind, high on drugs, and despite having only 15% vision stole his mother's car and, driving it at speed on the wrong side of the road, smashed straight into another car and killed the driver, 20 year old Loreen Hammond.

Burdakay was charged with manslaughter, aggravated vehicle taking without consent causing death, causing death while driving uninsured and attempted robbery on 29 January at the Trawlers Catch Fish Shop, High Street, Saxmundham.

The police commented "This terrible collision was caused by the contemptuous actions of a young man. He was angry, drunk and stole a car in spite of having severely restricted eyesight, he was registered blind and therefore was never able to be in possession of a driving licence. He was then set on an almost inevitable course of destruction; the awful consequence was the loss of an innocent driver, Laureen Hammond."

Burdakay pleaded guilty and was sentenced to twelve years plus 3 years for the robbery to run concurrently. A prime case for the oven!

Nominated by : Old Bailey


Anonymous said...

Please begin work to prepare a suitable description of PC Simon Harwood, whose evidence at the on-going inquest into the death of Ian Tomlinson is not going - how shall I put this? - very well.

There are fibs, little white lies, great big whopping lies, lies told by MPs in order to feather rheir own nests, lies told by people on trial for war crimes - and then there is PC Harwood's testimony.

Old Nick said...

I agree. I already burnt the bastard - see

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Anonymous said...

Just bringing you up to date. this evil scum is being released after serving only 6 years of his 12 year sentence. To add further insult to the family of the beautiful girl he murdered, he is due to be released on the anniversary of her death. this piece of scum should be burn't and never be allowed a peaceful life.