Thursday, 23 June 2011

Christopher Taylor & Kayley Boleyn

Hope your Devil's Kitchen has a double oven, Old Nick, 'cos you're going to need a big 'un to deal with this couple of bastards!

3 year old Ryan Lovell-Hancox died from a massive brain injury he received at the hands of monsters Christopher Taylor and Kayley Boleyn at their squalid bedsit on Christmas Eve 2008 - a nice Christmas present for their hopeless mother.

They were jailed for life for murder and child cruelty in July, 2010 after inflicting more than 70 injuries on the toddler whilst acting as his carers. This week, a report condemned the woeful failures of several Wolverhampton agencies to safegaurd the child, even though the perpetrators were well known to them.

Yet another Baby P. How many more?

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