Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Paul Wilson

20 year Paul Wilson is one of the worst types of sex offenders. At Birmingham Crown Court he pleaded guilty to two counts of oral rape of a girl aged two or three years old and a further 45 charges of making and distributing indecent images and inciting youngsters to engage in sexual activity on the internet.

Wilson was charged with rape in January after his arrest on suspicion of child abuse prompted an investigation into his employment at the Little Stars Nursery.

Wilson's on-line victims, aged between 12 and 15, were befriended over the internet and then encouraged to expose themselves on a webcam. He would record the images and use them to blackmail his victims into carrying out sexual acts for him.

Anyne who rapes a toddler in his care is frankly beyond redemption.

You can read further details by clicking here or here.

Nominated by : Old Bailey


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Already voted to burn - I think a bit of penis mutilation first would be appropriate. I'll do it (I have a daughter).

Sir Henry Morgan said...

In the Birmingham paper he looks rather pretty. I'm sure big Bubba will be fascinated and possessive during his lifetime inside.

Old Nick said...

Couldn't agree more, Sir Henry. In fact, I was rather taken by F.U.'s treatment for persistent sexual offenders (see http://f-urquhart.blogspot.com/2011/05/rape.html)

Mike said...

Feed him his own testicles minced with garlic, then hang the bastard with a barbed wire noose! (Slowly).

Old Nick said...

Good to see that an air of tolerance and understanding is prevailing here, Mike!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Her's another potential burner::


Dark Lochnagar said...

String the fucker up by his balls with a piece of cheese wire, then if he survives shoot the useless bit of shit.