Monday, 25 July 2011

Anders Behring Breivik

On the 22nd July, Anders Behring Breivik set off a car bomb in Oslo and then set off to the Norweigan island of Utoya where he set about indisciminately murdering teenage boys and girls attending a summer camp. He hunted them down like animals, shooting several in the water with a high powered rifle as they tried to swim to safety.

Breivik doesn't deny this. Indeed he is proud of it. Before he set about his murder spree, he published a 1500 page hate manifesto on the internet. He regards his court appearances as opportuinites to spread more of his right wing Christian fundamentalist hate philiosophy.

He says he did it to highlight the dangers of Muslim fundamentalism to the white community. The truth is that he did it because he is a mad man.

He murdered the very people he says he wants to protect. He must be condemned to hell and never be forgiven or forgotten. There can be no possible justification for what he has done.

Nominated by : 'Viking' and 'Remember Dunblane'


Anonymous said...

Theywere all a future generation of Norwegian Labour politicians serving their political apprenticeship.

Anonymous said...

there may have been SOME teenagers, but most were aged up to 30.

And have you actually read that manifesto? Where, exactly, was all this "hate"? There wasn't any in the manifesto I read. I suppose you could burn him for all the boredom he gave those of us who did actually read it.

Anonymous said...

And where did you get the "Right Wing Christian fundamentalist" from?

Certainly not from him and his manifesto. So where?

The only thing he had to say about religion was that he is not very religious, and for him to claim he was would be a lie.

You're a liar. and haven't read the manifesto at all, as you've implied you did. Or, indeed, the proper reports of what happened there that day.

Remember Dunblane said...

I understand that he was right wing and that this was why he was murdering at an event sponsored by the left wing labour party.

Christian fundamentalist because he was supposedly doing this to protect Christians from the Muslim threat.

Hate because anyone who advocates murder for political ends is full of hate for something?

And as I understand the reports, most of the people he shot on that island were teenagers?

And finally, I seriously worry about anyone who actually reads that shit!

And thanks to Old Nick for publishing my nomination to burn this piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

You've just posted a comment on how YOU think, not him witha demonstration of your mindreading skills. Children? I was 15 when I enlisted I certainly didn't think I was a child when I was 15 or over.

Anonymous said...

And neither did this society, self evidently.

'Appy 'Arry said...

In the UK you are legally a child until you are 18, although you can leave school at 16 and get a job or join the army.
At 15 you definitely are a child, and this outburst just proves you still are?

Anonymous said...

When do you think I was 15? the rules were different then. I stopped being a child at 10 - the age of criminal responsibility ... or do you want to have it all ways - just so you can carry on being king of the hill . //////what you say goes even when you are wrong. That comment about age was either wrong or it was a lie. Which is it then? No, you do not have the option of "mistaken".

Anonymous said...

Er ... outburst? Is that what it is when you don't agree with what someone said. Suddenly, at nearly old-age pension age - and, note - a long-term veteran. You? And why should I believe you when you appear on the evidence to be a liar.?

Anonymous said...

"And thanks to Old Nick for publishing my nomination to burn this piece of shit."

Up to now, it seems like nobody agrees with you. Maybe because you are wrong, in everyone's opinion?