Thursday, 7 July 2011

Anthony Harrison

At Woolwich Crown Court, Anthony Harrison  was sentenced to 20 years for four trafficking offences as well as two of false imprisonment. He is the first man to be convicted of trafficking females out of the UK, in a case involving two Nigerian girls

The teenage victims alleged they were subjected to witchcraft and violence. Judge Philip Shorrock said the sentence was being imposed "to deter others who are tempted by this terrible trade" and "to reflect public disgust".

Harrison imprisoned both girls - aged 14 and 16 - at his home in Albert Square, Stratford, in 2009, before attempting to traffic them to Spain and Greece as prostitutes. The two had been controlled by Juju magic rituals, the court was told.

Both girls came from small villages in Edo, Nigeria, and were sold into prostitution with the help of the local Juju priest.

He's an Africa, so he's used to the heat. You'd better make the oven extra hot for this one!

( You can read more about this case on the BBC News website by clicking here )


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I'd propose that Norwegian - except I'd only then vote "Forgive".