Thursday, 4 August 2011

Jason Owen

Much has been said lately about Sharon Shoesmith, but we should remember that she wasn't the person who beat and tortured Baby Peter Connelly to death.

On Friday , 5th August one of his murderers is - unbelievably - due for release. The sadistic bastard played a key part in manipulating his weak willed brither who was baby Peter's stepfather.

Owen was always a liability. Childhood friends said his extremist links impressed his younger brother Stephen, who later became obsessed with Nazis. Steven Barker even taught baby Peter to perform a "Sieg Heil" salute as a sick joke.

There was a chilling hint of what was to come when the brothers were arrested in November 1995 for allegedly torturing their own grandmother. The pair were said to have locked 82-year-old Hilda Barker in her wardrobe while demanding she change her will in their favour. The terrified pensioner even claimed her grandsons wore Guy Fawkes masks to terrorise her before beating her black and blue.

It is difficult to have any confidence in a criminal justice system that releases a man like this after such a short sentence for what he did to a toddler. It is even reported that he is to have plastic surgery to change his appearance to protect him from reprisals.

Once again, a travesty of justice and sick timing - coming as it does the very week it looks like Shoesmith is set to make millions out of the tragedy.

I hope they do find him and he gets what he deserves. Ready the oven, Nick!

Nominated by : Old Bailey

(You can read more about this man in the Sun by clicking here)