Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Raymond Jacob

Here's a guy whose family seems to suffering from Raoul Moate syndrome.

Businessman Vincent Cooke, 39, was relaxing when he heard a knock at the front door of his detached home.

When he answered he was confronted by two men, at least one armed with a knife, who allegedly threatened him and tried to force their way into his house in the Cheshire stockbroker belt. With his wife and young son due home any minute, Mr Cooke fought desperately to keep the men out. In the struggle burglar Raymond Jacob, 37, was stabbed with his own knife and fell to the ground fatally injured. The second intruder fled.

Mr Jacob’s family were too upset to comment but they left floral tributes at the scene referring to him as ‘Ray’ and ‘Uncle Raymondo’. One read: ‘Love you son, going to miss you more than anything. You mean the world to me. Love you loads, Dad.’ A note from his mother said: ‘To my baby boy who will always be my baby boy. I will miss you but never stop loving you, Mum.’ Another said: ‘To my gorgeous man Raymond. You may be gone but you will always be with me in my heart for ever. Love, your Stephanie.’

Well, his family might feel that way, but the facts are that Jacobs forced his way into the man's home and held him at knefe point. Mr Cooke was defending himself and the burglar got what he deserved.

What he doesn't deserve is is a load of sycophantic and unwarranted praise.

Nominated by : Old Bailey

( You can read more about this story in the Daily Mail here )


Anonymous said...

This guy was just a Wythenshawe scumbag ! Good riddance !


Worthless piece of fucking shite, got just what he deserves.

Anonymous said...

It couldn't hve happened to a nicer bloke - what a shame - Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

Yes I hope the filthy chav scum rots in hell.