Friday, 28 October 2011

Yves Bureau

In the interests of EU solidarity, here's a bastard French farmer who bound an elderly German woman to a ladder before sawing off her limbs while she was still alive.

Yves Bureau was found guilty of torturing and murdering Edith Muhr at his farmhouse in Verdon in the Dordogne region of France.

Bureau laughed and joked when macabre photos of Mrs Muhr's remains were shown on a large screen at his trial. He reportedly gave 27 different versions of events to officers investigating the killing of his victim.

The court heard that Mrs Muhr was an attractive woman who loved growing carrots before feeding them to donkeys she passed on frequent country walks.

On the day of the murder, she was walking from her home to meet her husband for lunch when she entered onto Bureau's land. However when she failed to appear he raised the alarm. Detectives established that Bureau had intercepted her and dragged her into a barn at his farm.

Despite her pleas, he attached her arms and legs to a ladder leaning against a wall next to an old tractor and began by cutting off her fingers one by one. Using butcher’s knives and a meat cleaver Bureau then cut off her arms and legs. He later revealed under questioning that the victim was still alive when the defendant beheaded her with the cleaver.

Killing her is one thing, but what he did ... BURN the bastard, one joint into crumbly ash at  (errr, no - not a spliff) at a time.

Nominated by : Sir Henry Morgan


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