Thursday, 24 November 2011

Norman Fraser

This spectacularly ugly bastard is Norman Fraser. Norman beat 46 year old Michelle McCue to death during an attack at his home in Grangemouth, Falkirk, in May this year.

That's bad enough, but what makes this guy truly out of the ordinary is that he then left the body where it was while he went round to a mate's place to watch the Barcelona and Manchester United match on TV. It wasn't found until 48 hours later.

In his speech to the jury, prosecutor Douglas Fairley said she was subjected to a "violent and prolonged attack" including hitting her with a mop handle.

Fraser went to visit a friend the next day, leaving the dead body lying in his home. He told the other man: "She hit me over the head with a bottle. She's dead. If it wasn't for the Champions League, I would report it."

The next day, friend Stephen Richardson visited Fraser who told him that Miss McCue was dead. Mr Richardson then went into the property where he discovered the body.

Paramedics were called to Fraser's home where he was found sitting in his chair smoking. Miss McCue had suffered 87 bruises as well as blows to her mouth.

Mr Fairley added: "He left the body for about 48 hours. It was stone cold by the time paramedics arrived.

"On the Sunday evening, he is still sitting calmly in his chair smoking - what kind of person does that?"

One that needs burning, I'd say...

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Who is the fucking sad cunt constantly voting to forgive these evil bastards

Kellie Bolton said...

The only reason anyone would vote to forgive these sickos would be if they were sick themselves!! You'd have to be to forgive something like that.