Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Carl Whant

Former nightclub bouncer Carl Whant was jailed for 35 years after being found guilty of the rape and murder of heavily-pregnant teenager Nikitta Grender. He yawned as guilty verdicts for charges of murder, rape, child destruction and arson were read out.

Ms Grender was just two weeks away from giving birth when Whant called at her flat in Newport, south Wales, in the early hours of February 5 last year, where he raped her, slashed her throat and stabbed her in the abdomen.

In an attempt to cover up his crimes Whant, who was described in court as a loner who spent most of his money on alcohol, cigarettes and cocaine, set the flat ablaze.

The judge said Whant had acted with "quite extraordinary hypocrisy" after the murder of the teenager was discovered. "You even took flowers to the Grender household." He said that having listened to his evidence he concluded that he was a "calculating, vain and devious" individual.

If ever a cunt need burning, it was this one!

Nominated by : Old Bailey

(You can read more on this fine example of humanity here and here)


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