Monday, 20 February 2012

Mohamed Bouzalim

Mohamed Bouzalim, 37, cheated the authorities out of nearly £400,000, Isleworth Crown Court heard. He will serve nearly seven years for 11 counts of deception, fraud and assisting illegal entry into the UK.

The court heard he had also falsely claimed asylum saying he was an Afghan who had been tortured by the Taliban when in fact he was from Morocco. Bouzalim flew into Heathrow airport in June 2001.

Bouzalim claimed to be from Afghanistan but was in fact Moroccan He told the authorities he had been tortured, that the Taliban had murdered his father and his mother was dead. But according to the UK Border Agency (UKBA), he was an illegal migrant from north Africa.

Over the next decade, he used false names, passports, driving licences, and other ID cards to claim almost £400,000 in benefits including money to pay family members to be his full-time carers. At the height of the scam, he was receiving £66,000 a year tax free and managed to do a masters degree and later study for a PhD at The School of Oriental and African Studies in central London.

But even though Bouzalim has admitted dishonestly entering the country and fraudulently exploiting the welfare system, legal sources said they will face an ‘uphill battle’ to deport him. There is a strong likelihood the Moroccan will be able to remain in the UK by claiming he has a right to family life under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, immigration sources said.

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