Monday, 31 December 2012

Reginald Blakeley

71 year old Blakeley escaped the clutches of the UK police and buggered off to Cambodia to molest kiddies there instead. Five time in fact since we couldn't nail him here.

Eventually, Cambodian police who were well aware of his activities mamaged to obtain video footage of him propositioning youngsters outside a school in Siem Reap. He was charged with molesting five boys aged between 7 and 14 and was sentenced to two years imprisonment.

Unfortunately, the judge saw fit to reduce this to one year plus 12 months suspended plus a $5,000 fine and $150 compensation to each of his victims.

Not much is it? Worth the risk in fact if you are in to these things. I think that's the message that the Cambodian legal system is sending out.

So it's up to you Nick to burn the bastard! 

 Nominated by : Dark Avenger


Allen Smith said...

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Anonymous said...

It's actually very true what Mr. Blakeley says. This charity called 'Action pour les Enfants' Is one of the most corrupt organisations on the planet! They take advantage of the hysterical reactions when it comes to paedophilia in the Western World. It's a million-dollar business in Cambodia, not only harming tourism, but also pressuring helpless children into making false accusations! Nobody does anything about it, because 'Protect Children against Peadophiles' is a good cause by default and single white men over 50 years old are predators by default! Just imagine that it might be the other way around!
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