Thursday, 6 December 2012

Sara Ege

Sara Ege, 33, treated her son Yaseen like a "dog," brutally beating him with a stick for failing to memorise religious texts.

The seven-year-old died in July 2010 from internal injuries caused by three months of punishing beatings from his own mother.

Ege accused her husband, Yousef, of being the real killer throughout her murder trial at Cardiff Crown Court. But he was cleared on Wednesday of failing to act to prevent the death of his son at home in Pontcanna, Cardiff, south Wales. Ege was found guilty of murder and of perverting the course of justice. She will be sentenced in the new year.

Details of the punishing beatings Yaseen regularly suffered at the hands of his mother were so traumatic she could not listen herself. She was given leave by the judge to absent herself from the court room when the jury was told of the events leading to his death.

The jury listened in silence as Ege detailed how Yaseen collapsed on the day of his death still murmuring extracts from the Koran. Ege explained that she fetched barbecue gel from her home's kitchen when she decided to burn his body. 

She told the police that she destroyed his corpse because "I was too nervous". The interview details how Yaseen's body was swollen in the weeks before he died, leaving him in such pain he could not sit at school.

All this because the poor child couldn't live up to her ambitions for him to become a hafiz - someone who knows the whole of the Muslim holy book by heart. What a shame we can't stone her to death for what she's done, so let's burn her instead, Nick!

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(You can read the whole horrific story in the Telegraph by clicking here)


StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Presumably the powers that be, at his school, did'nt do the obvious for fear of being labelled raceist. Result - one dead kid!

We are meant to believe that the cunt of father had no knowledge or involvement? Whatever happened to vicarious liability? Let's hope he has a fatal accident in his taxi...

Laurie -