Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Arthur Askey

Hello, Playmates! It's big hearted Arthur 'where'd me fucking legs go?' Askey here! I'm really proud to have been nominated for the Unforgiven King Cunt of Comedy Award. 

As Old Nick will testify, I've been down below for quite a while after being condemned for crimes against entertainment. But it's OK because I'm fitting right on in next to the imps and demons. 

Nick's given me a very important task to do - namely, tormenting the condemned souls with my hackneyed jokes and appalling songs. 

And I've just heard that he wants me to train a special squad of tormentors to do a choral version of the bubble bee song! 

'Nuff said! 

Nominated by : Flaxen Saxon


Flaxen Saxon said...

Do you realise that the viewing British public were subjected to this inane drivel from the 1920’s until his death in 1982?
Spewing forth comedic froth with regular monotony he appeared on over 43 Royal Variety Shows inflicting millions with his chirpy cockney banality, and yes I know he was born in Liverpool.
C’mon when did ‘Old Nick’ need much justification for taking another soul? Granted he is not in the same category as the odious nonce, ‘Sir Jimmy Saville’. But surely he deserves incarceration in one of the lesser circles of hell?
Intriguingly, after a google search, I could find nothing bad about him, at all; exemplary life and universally loved. Hmm, makes you think doesn’t it? Mayhap he already sold his soul in exchange for….. (I’m thinking legs here).
Review link and weep (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rpBAZEVHmI).

Dioclese said...

Oh! That video's put me right off my breakfast.

I can see why Old Nick would promote him to senior tormentor. Fancy spending eternity listening to that!!!