Friday, 22 March 2013

Maria Spencer

Maria Spencer tried to gouge out the eye of her 96-year-old neighbour while high on a cocktail of cocaine and whiskey.

She battered Harold Dean in the face after trying to make him hand over money for a box of Maltesers!

Already blind in one eye, the bitch tried to relieve him of the other one. Doctors said he would have lost the eye if he had not died six days later in hospital from natural causes. No doubt the attack did little to improve his chances of survival although they could not directly link the death to the attack, so the bitch got away with murder.

 Mr Dean, who sustained injuries paramedics described as the worst they had seen on an elderly person, said: “She punched me all over. She tried to get my eyes out. She tried to rip my nose off. She’s supposed to be a psychiatric nurse. She’s supposed to help people.”

 The judge labelled her a dangerous offender and jailed her for nine years with a three-year extended licence.

 Licence, my arse. The bastard needs burning!

 Nominated by : Dioclese h/t to Shrub Monkey